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Numbers 3 and 8: The Wedding Night by ShardianofWhiteFire
Numbers 3 and 8: The Wedding Night
(Made and posted: 5/5/15)

Meg: Hey. No need to look so smug.

Kage: Why shouldn't I? I've been waiting for this for a long time.

Meg: *trying not to blush* Yeah well...Shut up.

Kage: *grins* You are too cute when you can't think of a come-back.


I thought I'd kill two birds with one stone with this one. This is the 'In pajamas' and 'without clothes on' part of the challenge. By now it should be obvious that these two are eventually meant to get together. No, the guy is NOT a vampire. He's actually the Grim Reaper only right now in his human disguise he chose to use during this century. This would be after the end of their story where the whole point of them even knowing each other is for the woman to become the Reaper's bride. Some age-old contract or something, long story.
Number 2: In a School Uniform by ShardianofWhiteFire
Number 2: In a School Uniform
(Made and posted: 5/5/15)

You should have seen this one coming. XD

I did reference the picture I was linked to for the outfit.
  • Mood: Spidey Sense
By the title I bet you guys can tell this will be a strange one... Well here we go anyway.

I hate drawing humans...Male humans to be specific. I just can't ever find good designs, especially ones I could see fitting a character that Meg would be the love interest of. So here's what I need from you guys. Help me make a design for my version of the Grimm Reaper in a HUMAN disguise AND a dragon.

Specific Features: 


-He needs to have pale skin, not vampire pale, just lighter skin than it seems healthy.

-Black hair would be preferable. He needs to have a gothic sort of look about him but not to the extreme. For the hair it'd be nice if it was in a casual style. uh...Like Harry Potter hair basically?

-Eyes should be gold or red. Because...Spooky eye colors. Yeah.

-I've got the clothes. It should be black, loose-fitting leather pants (the kind with pockets on the thighs) with silver chains hanging from the pockets. Probably a skull charm on a bracet on one wrist, or a watch (either works) and one small hoop earring in one of his ears. As for the top, just a black or dark colored T-shirt with some obvious symbolism to his true nature. Like I said, he's pretending to be a punk-goth in style for...I don't know what reason. Shoes should be sneakers probably.


-He MUST be black as his primary color (as in black scales and wings

-Eyes same color as listed above (gold or red) (do NOT make the white of the eyes black or bleeding or any of that crap. I want him to be darkly handsome, not terrifying like the Amnesia Suitors...)

-Long black spikes or hair (same style as in human discription becoming a mane that sticks up going down his back. After the mane the spikes mentioned before would start on his back and go down the tail which ends in either a blade (to represent scythe only as a dagger instead) or a tuft of black fur like on Asian dragons)

-Horns that either stay straight the whole way or curve slightly (like Shardie's and Mega's but smooth)

-If possible, skeletal features. Maybe showing part of the skull?

-I'll worry about the accessories but if you want to add any, how about the earring still (so yes he'll have ears), the silver chain bracelet thing, and that's about it.

NOTE: This is NOT an anthro. Keep him feral, on all-fours. Also wings...Play around with those. Feathered or bat-like, either's fine.


EVERYONE that participates and actually gets their entry up will recieve ONE free commission. Either of one of your OC's with Grimm (or Reaper...I don't know. I'm thinking of going with a Japanese name) as the design you made. Or just whatever you want, as long as it is appropriate. It will be colored and have a simple background (just...landscape).

If there is a true winner I will give them two free commissions and 100 :points: (I have too many...)

Deadline: I'm hoping to have them done by today, tomorrow, or maybe by Saturday. You don't have to take too much time on them, just a simple reference sheet. Bases are allowed, just credit their owners.


Yin and Yang-Sibling Rivalry lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
DTot21C-Protector lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
Possible Returning Megadragon Design lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
(NOTE: Though they have a signature in the examples, I will put my signature for your commission at the bottom like in the last example to avoid it getting in the way. My signature also tends to change a bit.

Also note: An extra character is a point more. So if you have 2 characters in your commission, send me an extra point. Preferably when I've finished.)

Colored -no background-
It's a Dragon Thing by ShardianofWhiteFire
Megadragon-Psh, Gurl by ShardianofWhiteFire
Mega the Gecko Dragon rough design by ShardianofWhiteFire
No Background: It means no specific one. Just a grey backdrop.
Colored with background
Yin and Yang-Sibling Rivalry by ShardianofWhiteFire
Dragons of the Moonstar Clan-Run Under the Stars by ShardianofWhiteFire
DDC Reward 2-Beyond the Clouds by ShardianofWhiteFire
Backgrounds also include non-grey colored simple ones.
Colored, Shaded, Simple background
Fanart-Validor and Saria, Different Yet Similar by ShardianofWhiteFire
Fanart-Skylanders: Feuriah, Lost Queen of Kurosia by ShardianofWhiteFire
White Fire-Megan L. Pendragon by ShardianofWhiteFire
Simple background means colored or with shades to the color of your choice. Or you can have more than one color.
Colored, Shaded, and with detailed background
Drownser and Mega-Happier Times by ShardianofWhiteFire
Dream Diary-Showdown by ShardianofWhiteFire
Fanart-Avani by ShardianofWhiteFire
Backgrounds: I will do skies, landscapes (grassy or snowy preferably) and caves. I don't do complex cities or buildings. Just natural as most of my work involves dragons.

NOTE: To add an extra character in any commission it's 1 :points: more.


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Dislikes: Perverts, rape, killing without a good reason, trolls, flamers, haters, some foods (there are others but you don't need to know all my dislikes. )

Occupation: Writer/Artist/High School Graduate

Orrientation: Straight

Facts to know:

-Roar sounds like thunder

-Goes by Mega, Megadragon, and HLM (Shardie to heidy17 atm)

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People I admire;

Aartists/fanfic writers: :iconpiagued: (The art is well done, the shading, the characters, everything is awesome about her art. She's also a really nice person, I've done ATs with her a few times.)

:iconsevour: (Really talented artist as well. She's very nice and her sona is pretty well-made. Quite unique too)

:iconyunakidraw: (Her style's like a mix of Disney and Yu-Gi-Oh and she has amazing comics)

:iconblack-rat: (I love his transformation sequence comics.)

:iconrobinyx: (he's also a really nice person and his characters are awesome as well. :))

:iconben300: (has awesome transformation stories. First time I read one, it was so well detailed that I felt like I was there, seeing it happen)

:iconweirdhyena: (I love her comic and her sona, Feuriah. She's so well-made and her story is so original)

(will add more when I remember them)

And help me to support!

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I see. I don't know what any of those are but good luck.
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Funny IDEA! You should make a picture of Prince Nightsky and Shardy playing Five Nights At Freddy's 1 with Nightsky hugging Goldy. XD
ShardianofWhiteFire Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
So by this you mean actually in the game? As in Shardie used her powers to mess with him by transporting them into it?
AskPrinceNightsky Featured By Owner 5 days ago
it was going to be a sort of crossover.
ShardianofWhiteFire Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student Digital Artist
Crossovers still can be one sending the other into a game. Two different fandoms combining doesn't always mean "these characters work in the pizzaria because reasons and now they're the new night guards and stuff".
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