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-To Do List-

NOTE: If you have something waiting from me and are not on this list, please contact me so I can add you. ONLY if you already asked for it before I put up the stamps.


:iconsickvictorian:-Two of her OCs (forgot their names) (Status: WIP-lineart)

:iconsnugglemittins111:-His sona in feral form (Status: WIP-Lineart)

:iconheidy17:-Lineart of her version of dragon!Cliph something (the pyramid thing) from Gravity Falls (STATUS: Not started)

Art Trades:

Requests (CLOSED. But I will still do the stuff on the list.)

:iconphoenixrosefirehear:-Ignis and Phoenix shipping picture as Night Furies.

:iconaskprincenightsky:-A Mouseguard RPG character design (Status: not started)

:iconpd123sonic:-Meg riding...Uh, one of his OCs while Iggy watches in jealousy.


-Journal Requests (requests for anyone with a slot in journals where I ask you to tell me what to draw)-

Mega and Friends journal (closed now):

:iconsorrowstars:-Her dragon OC and Shardian Mega flying (Status: WIP-lineart)

:iconfailedconch:-CC (his OC/character self(?)) about to hit Shardian Mega with a newspaper (Status: WIP-Lineart)

:iconownall15:-Midnight (an OC of his) and Shardian Mega at a rave in Vegas (status: WIP-Not started)

:iconnatalia-clark:-Natalia (her sona/character self/Oc or something) giving Shardian Mega a gift (Status: WIP-Not started)

:iconheidy17:-Namira (it was Ember but she changed her dragonsona) and Shardian Mega flying (Status: WIP-not started)

:iconaskprincenightsky:-Mod (himself) and Shardian Mega flying (lot of flying ones. lol) (Status: WIP-Not started)

:iconbloodwolfryo:-Ridley (his OC) and Shardian Mega sitting by a lake (Status: WIP-Not started)

Scorch and People (pictures from this one found on 2chubbybluedragoness:

:iconheidy17:-Namira and Scorch, double blobs (status: WIP-lineart)

:iconmackattack21:-Chef Tanny with Scorch, feeding him diet secret sause (Status: WIP-not started)

Dragonsona Design Challenge (thank you gifts) shardianofwhitefire.deviantart… (closed):

:iconhowlingnova:-Leon and Amoria reading a book or scroll. (Status: Not started)

:iconthesnaredragon:-A male Shardian design (Status: Not started)


Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 2:37 PM
My friend, :iconmackattack21:, and I are doing a co-op ask series for our Racorzian-related (Time Dragon) characters. Here's the rules:

1.) Ask any of the characters listed below.

2.) Only ask about stuff related to their world. 

3.) Nothing sexual or flirty. Some of them are taken.

List of characters:

-Amoria: Amoria's New Reference Sheet by ShardianofWhiteFire

-Tanari: Tanari Ref Sheet by ShardianofWhiteFire

-Nyxium: Nyxium the Time Guardian by ShardianofWhiteFire

-Paradox: Paradox Headshot lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire

-Mack: Mega and Friends 2-Couch Potatoes by ShardianofWhiteFire (the black and turqoise dragon)

-Kiwi: Kiwi, the drifter by riptidespiritwolf

-Sin: Sin, the nut by riptidespiritwolf

-Zeek: Zeek, the watcher by riptidespiritwolf




-Cyrus: Cyrus, the tracker by riptidespiritwolf


-Ignis and Megan (his rider): Moonstar Dragon Riding School-Megan and Ignis by ShardianofWhiteFire

Artwork on the top by Wolfvids
Credit to Okami makers


Yin and Yang-Sibling Rivalry lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
DTot21C-Protector lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
Possible Returning Megadragon Design lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
(NOTE: Though they have a signature in the examples, I use official dA signatures now so it won't have this watermark in your commission. Just letting you know.)
Colored -no background-
It's a Dragon Thing by ShardianofWhiteFire
Megadragon-Psh, Gurl by ShardianofWhiteFire
Mega the Gecko Dragon rough design by ShardianofWhiteFire
No Background: It means no specific one. Just a grey backdrop.
Colored with background
Sibling Rivalry by ShardianofWhiteFire
Dragons of the Moonstar Clan-Run Under the Stars by ShardianofWhiteFire
DDC Reward 2-Beyond the Clouds by ShardianofWhiteFire
Backgrounds also include non-grey colored simple ones.
Colored, Shaded, Simple background
Fanart-Validor and Saria, Different Yet Similar by ShardianofWhiteFire
Fanart-Skylanders: Feuriah, Lost Queen of Kurosia by ShardianofWhiteFire
White Fire-Megan L. Pendragon by ShardianofWhiteFire
Simple background means colored or with shades to the color of your choice. Or you can have more than one color.
Colored, Shaded, and with detailed background
Drownser and Mega-Happier Times by ShardianofWhiteFire
Dream Diary-Showdown by ShardianofWhiteFire
Fanart-Avani by ShardianofWhiteFire
Backgrounds: I will do skies, landscapes (grassy or snowy preferably) and caves. I don't do complex cities or buildings. Just natural as most of my work involves dragons.

NOTE: To add an extra character in any commission it's 1 :point: more.


ShardianofWhiteFire's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Primary Account: :iconshardianofwhitefire:

Other Accounts:

:icongladosofaperturerp:-RP Account

:iconchubbybluedragoness:-Secondary account (WARNING: Contains weird art. View at your own risk.)

Likes: Drawing, writing, sleeping, dreaming, flying, swimming, RPing, hanging with friends, TMNT, Pewdiepie, SkyDoesMinecraft, Cry (I forgot his Youtube name...), CinnamonToastKen, Markiplier, Tobuscus, and many more awesome Youtubers I can't name, horror game let's plays (especially Amnesia ones), MLP:FiM, reading, romance, fanfics, sweet and sour chicken, Spyro (all teh games I actually played), Warehouse 13, Gravity Falls, instrumental music, music with good lyrics and stories behind it, MOCHAS! And Dr. Pepper O-O

Dislikes: Perverts, rape, killing without a good reason, trolls, flamers, haters, some foods (there are others but you don't need to know all my dislikes. )

Occupation: Writer/Artist/High School Graduate

Orrientation: Straight

Mate: IRL-None In Fantasy-Leonardo Hamato

Facts to know:

-Roar sounds like thunder

-Real name is Tiamat but only a few trusted people know this (in-character name only)

dA Family;

Sisters: :iconphoenixrosefirehear:, :iconnatalia-clark:, :iconzexeos:, :icondarkaalyssa:, :iconzonesdragoness: (if she wants), :iconmysterydragoness:

Brothers: :iconpd123sonic:, :iconaskprincenightsky:, :iconhowlingnova: (weird brother), :iconriptidespiritwolf:

People I admire;

Aartists/fanfic writers: :iconpiagued: (The art is well done, the shading, the characters, everything is awesome about her art. She's also a really nice person, I've done ATs with her a few times.)

:iconsevour: (Really talented artist as well. She's very nice and her sona is pretty well-made. Quite unique too)

:iconyunakidraw: (Her style's like a mix of Disney and Yu-Gi-Oh and she has amazing comics)

:iconblack-rat: (I love his transformation sequence comics.)

:iconrobinyx: (he's also a really nice person and his characters are awesome as well. :))

:iconben300: (has awesome transformation stories. First time I read one, it was so well detailed that I felt like I was there, seeing it happen)

:iconweirdhyena: (I love her comic and her sona, Feuriah. She's so well-made and her story is so original)

(will add more when I remember them)

And help me to support!


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That's all for now. Thanks and much appreciated.

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