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HTTYD 2-I Live to Serve the Alpha by ShardianofWhiteFire
HTTYD 2-I Live to Serve the Alpha
Made and posted: 10/30/14

Firstly, I apologize for my laziness with the background. There is no way to fool anyone that I drew it and I have no desire to try. I originally was just going to have the slave Bewilderbeast in the background to symbolize his control.

Now, as the title says, this is Mega (my sona) in 'How to Train Your Dragon 2' as one of Drago's dragon soldiers. I had beem drawing her in armor earlier and thought she looked pretty cool in it so I was in that mood anyway. Before anyone asks, no the red on her is not blood. In certain lighting her scales and horns show a red and gold tint respectively in places. Especially the chestplate area though usually when the chest fin is flat to appear nonexistant.

HTTYD 2, characters and background image (c) Dreamworks (but found on Google)

Mega and art (pretty much just the picture of her) (c) :iconshardianofwhitefire:
Mega's Response to 'Gamorrah's Chew Toy' by ShardianofWhiteFire
Mega's Response to 'Gamorrah's Chew Toy'
Made and posted: 10/30/14

A 'part 2' of this:… I colored it in the same way he did, not adding lighting effect or anything and stuff.

Basically Mega only finds Deadpool's misfortune funny when she is dealing it. Mainly because she knows when she's gone too far and doesn't do it because she dislikes him or finds his pain enjoyable. Like how siblings insult and pick on each other but no one else is allowed to do the same. It's a personal joke between them. So I'd back off if I were you Gammy-boy.

The Gamorrah in this picture is apparently this one:…

Deadpool (c) Marvel

Original idea (c) :iconpd123sonic:

Mega and art (c) :iconshardianofwhitefire:
Megadragon Under the Sea by ShardianofWhiteFire
Megadragon Under the Sea
Made and posted: 10/29/14

Do NOT make a 'Little Mermaid' joke or reference! I couldn't think of a better title!

Oh hey, Megadragon under water! *shot* But yes, Megadragon (my sona to those that don't know) swimming. Now you guys know what the gills are for. Mega loves swimming as well as flying. Also I think THIS should be the official normal colors. I'm still experimenting a bit but I do know the chest is red.

I did also use another picture for the reference since this pose is not easy without one.
Fursonas-Blahblahblah by ShardianofWhiteFire
Made: 10/17/14 (somewhere around there)

Finished and posted: 10/29/14

Oh look. Furries! *shot* I started this a while back then got bored this morning and decided to color it...While watching the Smosh videos where they read Ianthony fanfiction... It was hillarious, horrifiying, and pitying all at once. Why? Because even though I do ship some homosexual pairings such as Spideypool (oh look, that's gotta be the 10th time now I've mentioned that ship in a submission...) and Puzzeshipping (the shipping of Yami and Yugi from "Yu-Gi-Oh!") they have one thing in common: The characters in the shippings are fictional. So it's not as awkward as with real people that can see your work. Partially why I don't form crushes on movie actors...

Anyway, while listening to the disturbingly hillarious readings of the fanfics (most of which I'm positive were crack fics made just for Ian and Anthony to read and go 'WTF?!' at because a lot of them were horribly written and random) I colored this. It's me and my close friend phoenixrosefirehear in our furry forms. Or more specifically me as my Shardian form (hense my username) and Phoenix in her wolf form. 

I only kept it because I liked the expressions so...Not much to say but I think if there was a story behind it it was Phoenix lecturing Mega about her choice in men (Deadpool) and giving her opinion while Mega herself roles her eyes like "Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm not going to take your opinion anyway so you might as well stop talking." or something.

Phoenix (c) :iconphoenixrosefirehear:

Mega, Shardian species, and art (c) :iconshardianofwhitefire:

NOTE: I will NOT correct anything on Phoenix. The collar will remain how it is because this is my second time drawing the new Phoenix and I have time to improve.
Hey, I have a question to ask any of you How to Train Your Dragon 2 fans. You know the villain Drago Bludvist? Well I looked closer at his cape of dragon skin...and it's black. Which leads me to wonder...Could Drago be the reason Night Furies are nearly extinct? I'd love your thoughts. 


Yin and Yang-Sibling Rivalry lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
DTot21C-Protector lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
Possible Returning Megadragon Design lineart by ShardianofWhiteFire
(NOTE: Though they have a signature in the examples, I will put my signature for your commission at the bottom like in the last example to avoid it getting in the way. My signature also tends to change a bit.

Also note: An extra character is a point more. So if you have 2 characters in your commission, send me an extra point. Preferably when I've finished.)

Colored -no background-
It's a Dragon Thing by ShardianofWhiteFire
Megadragon-Psh, Gurl by ShardianofWhiteFire
Mega the Gecko Dragon rough design by ShardianofWhiteFire
No Background: It means no specific one. Just a grey backdrop.
Colored with background
Sibling Rivalry by ShardianofWhiteFire
Dragons of the Moonstar Clan-Run Under the Stars by ShardianofWhiteFire
DDC Reward 2-Beyond the Clouds by ShardianofWhiteFire
Backgrounds also include non-grey colored simple ones.
Colored, Shaded, Simple background
Fanart-Validor and Saria, Different Yet Similar by ShardianofWhiteFire
Fanart-Skylanders: Feuriah, Lost Queen of Kurosia by ShardianofWhiteFire
White Fire-Megan L. Pendragon by ShardianofWhiteFire
Simple background means colored or with shades to the color of your choice. Or you can have more than one color.
Colored, Shaded, and with detailed background
Drownser and Mega-Happier Times by ShardianofWhiteFire
Dream Diary-Showdown by ShardianofWhiteFire
Fanart-Avani by ShardianofWhiteFire
Backgrounds: I will do skies, landscapes (grassy or snowy preferably) and caves. I don't do complex cities or buildings. Just natural as most of my work involves dragons.

NOTE: To add an extra character in any commission it's 1 :point: more.


ShardianofWhiteFire's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Primary Account: :iconshardianofwhitefire:

Other Accounts:

:icongladosofaperturerp:-RP Account

:iconchubbybluedragoness:-Secondary account (WARNING: Contains weird art. View at your own risk.)

Likes: Drawing, writing, sleeping, dreaming, flying, swimming, RPing, hanging with friends, TMNT, Pewdiepie, SkyDoesMinecraft, Cry (I forgot his Youtube name...), CinnamonToastKen, Markiplier, Tobuscus, and many more awesome Youtubers I can't name, horror game let's plays (especially Amnesia ones), MLP:FiM, reading, romance, fanfics, sweet and sour chicken, Spyro (all teh games I actually played), Warehouse 13, Gravity Falls, instrumental music, music with good lyrics and stories behind it, MOCHAS! And Dr. Pepper O-O

Dislikes: Perverts, rape, killing without a good reason, trolls, flamers, haters, some foods (there are others but you don't need to know all my dislikes. )

Occupation: Writer/Artist/High School Graduate

Orrientation: Straight

Mate: IRL-None In Fantasy-Leonardo Hamato

Facts to know:

-Roar sounds like thunder

-Real name is Tiamat but only a few trusted people know this (in-character name only)

dA Family;

Sisters: :iconphoenixrosefirehear:, :iconnatalia-clark:, :iconzexeos:, :icondarkaalyssa:, :iconzonesdragoness: (if she wants), :iconmysterydragoness:

Brothers: :iconpd123sonic:, :iconaskprincenightsky:, :iconhowlingnova: (weird brother), :iconriptidespiritwolf:

People I admire;

Aartists/fanfic writers: :iconpiagued: (The art is well done, the shading, the characters, everything is awesome about her art. She's also a really nice person, I've done ATs with her a few times.)

:iconsevour: (Really talented artist as well. She's very nice and her sona is pretty well-made. Quite unique too)

:iconyunakidraw: (Her style's like a mix of Disney and Yu-Gi-Oh and she has amazing comics)

:iconblack-rat: (I love his transformation sequence comics.)

:iconrobinyx: (he's also a really nice person and his characters are awesome as well. :))

:iconben300: (has awesome transformation stories. First time I read one, it was so well detailed that I felt like I was there, seeing it happen)

:iconweirdhyena: (I love her comic and her sona, Feuriah. She's so well-made and her story is so original)

(will add more when I remember them)

And help me to support!

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That's all for now. Thanks and much appreciated.

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Luna: Somehow more popular than the intentional good guy, better looking somehow as well, a bad guy at one point.

Wow...They really are more similar to Thor and Loki than I thought. O.o
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